Park Court Hamarikyu The Tower

パークコート浜離宮 ザ タワー

2019 / Tokyo / Residence


The approach-conscious entrance façade design raises expectations by seeing the lighting objects hung above the lounge at the end of the planting. We were greeted by the entrance lounge, which has a large and spacious stance that gently leads from the hustle and bustle of the urban space to a relaxing space as a "house", and high-quality light production and art elements. Connect to the exclusive department of the people who live. By folding the details that were particular about the details, we aimed for a high-quality space. And in the shared facilities that pursued the function to complement the function of the exclusive part, there are various lounges overlooking Hamarikyu, guest rooms that imitate the Shioiri pond of Hamarikyu, and a library that creates tranquility in the atrium. I was able to create it through repeated discussions. 2020 Good Design Award.